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BHK stands for bedroom, hall and kitchen during a unit. Know everything about what the term conveys, during this article that what is a bhk.

Besides the budget and site preferences, a buyer must also choose the configuration of the property – i.e., 1BHK, 2BHK or a 3BHK. Before that, one must understand what exactly a BHK is.

  • What does a BHK stand for?
  • BHK stands for bedroom, hall and kitchen. it’s wont to convey the amount of rooms during a property. for instance , a 2BHK means the actual property has two bedrooms, one hall and a kitchen. A 3BHK unit means there are three bedrooms, a hall and one kitchen within the property. albeit there are two bathrooms/toilets, sellers may or might not advertise it that way but will certainly mention the amount of bedrooms it is telling you what is a bhk.

In short,

1BHK is 1 bedroom, hall, kitchen

2BHK is 2 bedrooms, hall, kitchen

3BHK is 3 bedrooms, hall, kitchen

4BHK is 4 bedrooms, hall, kitchen

Note that albeit the abbreviation doesn’t include a ‘T’ as during a toilet space, all of those have a shower and toilet space. Some sellers may market their property as a 3BHK+2T property. during this ‘2T’ refers to 2 toilets. this is often to spotlight the advantage of the added space.

BHK usage
The abbreviation ‘WHAT IS A BHK’ is employed to ask the configuration in not just flats but villas, independent homes, builder floor properties and bungalows, as well. within the case of plots, the term ‘BHK’ isn’t applicable, unless someone is using it to ask the longer term potential. – for instance , ‘You can build a 3BHK house on this plot’.

1 BHK unit

What is a BHK 2

2BHK Unit
What are 0.5BHK, 1.5BHK and 2.5BHK?
Developers are experimenting with various formats that are popular among home buyers. For very small families or for single professionals, a 0.5BHK could also be sufficient. It refers to a unit that features a bedroom that’s slightly smaller than a standard-sized bedroom, a bath/toilet and a kitchen.

Similarly, a 1.5BHK unit features a standard-sized main bedroom and a smaller-sized bedroom, which may be used as a bedroom or a classroom , library, servant room or maybe a store room. Nowadays 2.5BHK units are getting increasingly popular especially within the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR). Mid-sized families with around four to 5 members often prefer these, because it gives them the comfort of a 3BHK at a comparatively affordable price.


2.5BKH Unit

Resale value of additional half-room properties
As already mentioned, developers are experimenting with these additional ‘half-rooms’. the rationale behind such experimentation is that the demand from home buyers. Naturally, more buyers are drawn towards affordably-priced properties. Since 2BHK units are very fashionable , 1.5BHK and 2.5BHK units also attract buyers who don’t want to modify to a 3BHK and pay more. Half-rooms provide such home owners with the pliability and extra space they were trying to find and thus, even within the secondary market, these units are in demand.

I hope you all have understand what is a bhk in property. Thanks for read this article.

(All Images courtesy and developer websites)

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