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What is 1RK?
Another variant for those watching small apartments may be a 1RK unit. Popular in parts of Maharashtra, 1RK stands for a unit with one room and a kitchen, with a bath/toilet space. because the abbreviation implies, such a unit has given a miss to the hall space.

what is 1RK
Buyers with limited budget accept this configuration. it’s also useful for those that are frequent travellers. Such people might not shall spend too many days at a hotel and should not want to take a position an excessive amount of into property during a different city either. A 1RK may be a suitable configuration for such professionals.
What to understand about the property’s size?
At times, a 1BHK unit may encounter as bigger than a daily 2BHK or a 2BHK could easily be passed for a 3BHK or maybe renovated into a 3BHK unit. In short, some builders may offer an 800-sq ft property as a 1BHK and a few others may package a 2BHK therein space. Why do such irregularities exist when it involves the world of a property? this is often because there are not any set rules for a standard-sized property and therefore the localities or property markets may establish an unsaid rule concerning an equivalent .
For example, you’ll be ready to find bigger 2BHKs in Hyderabad as compared to Mumbai. Size irregularities happen thanks to availability of land during a certain region and therefore the premium attached to a building therein space, the general construction cost and therefore the sale price, etc. hope this all let you understand what is 1rk

Are 1RK and studio apartments the same?
Both 1RK and studio apartments are similar as long as they’re smaller configurations. However, a studio does have a hall or lebensraum while a 1RK gives a miss to the hall space.
Are smaller configurations easier when it involves resale?
Most home buyers choose smaller units, due to budget constraints or investment preferences. In recent times, 2BHK have moved faster within the market, because these are relatively affordable as compared to 3BHKs. However, whether alittle unit will move faster within the secondary market depends on market sentiments and trends typical to a given property market.
What is the typical price of a 1BHK unit in Thane?
The broad range of 1BHK units in Thane vary from Rs 8 lakhs to Rs 1 crore, depending upon the property size, exact location, amenities and developer.

hope this all let you understand what is 1rk

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